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Founder, Ann Kaplan, is a dynamic speaker and writer and is available for podcast interviews, guest blog posts, and conference speaking opportunities. To book Ann to speak at your event, contact her here. 
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What is Mom-Me?

Mama Support from Conception to College!

Birth, YOUR way

Mom-Me empowers families to make informed decisions that are right for their unique circumstances. 

Birth is much easier, smoother and more joyful birth experience when moms have more comprehensive prenatal, birth and postpartum support than traditional doula care or childbirth education provide.  Mom-Me's birth support (Birth Like a Boss) is a completely unique approach that can make a huge impact on births.

Personalized Support

A family is a unique ecosystem - with individual challenges and circumstances! 

That's why every Mom-Me offering includes 1-on-1 support and custom-designed approaches to help you find the path that's right for you -

in birth!

in parenting!

in self!

Bring more JOY and BALANCE into your life before & after birth on YOUR terms!

Find Mama Balance!

Imagine all your personal & parenting pursuits bringing you closer to your true self. All aspects of your life unite toward your main purpose of living authentically. 

Mom-Me helps you find that path.  It's an exploration of the power of parenthood to catalyze your next level!.


As a Mom or Expectant Mom

Do you ever feel...

- Lost?

- Overwhelmed?

- Frazzled?

- Unsure?

- Disconnected?

If you feel like there's more for you in life,




Mom-Me connects mindful mamas at every stage of motherhood to each other, and to compassionate support!

Motherhood doesn't have to hold you back.

It can unlock the next level of yourself!


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