Back to School Like a Mom-Boss!

3 Keys to a Breakthrough Year as

Mom & Professional!

Saturday, August 18, 9:30am-11:30am

 A Workshop for Professional Moms who... 

- Dread another year juggling business and family!

- Struggle to get behavior on track so they can get some work done!

- Fear doing right by their kids means lagging in their career.

- Want this year to be DIFFERENT!

Parenting expert, Ann Kaplan & business coach, Samantha Siffring, will present...

  • Techniques to NAIL communication at home AND in business!

  • The mistakes that trap us in pandemonium and frustration with our kids and our careers!

  • How to get kids to listen the first time, so you can work!!!

  • How to be the CEO of your biz and fam!

  • Steps to handling working mom obstacles without yelling! 

  • How to explode your career AND raise awesome kids all at once!

A message from Ann & Sam

School is just around the corner...and that means time to focus on your career, right? As working moms, every Fall holds SO MUCH PROMISE! More time to work on business, and a new chapter of growth for our kids and ourselves as mothers.  


But, if you're like us, the promise of the coming year can quickly fade in the chaos of after-school activities, chaotic mornings running around yelling at everyone to get ready for the millionth time, and arguing about homework MEANWHILE trying to set professional goals, earn enough money to make your career more than a glorified hobby, and carve out even 5 minutes to work! Pretty soon we're running in a million different directions, yelling at each other & living in a hamster wheel of frustration! 

Take advantage of our combined 57 years of parenting and 17 years of business experience, and let us help you create a life where you don't want to run for the hills; where your great kids are also great students AND you have space for a great career!!!

Samantha Siffring

Samantha owns where she is a business consultant and coach for moms with online businesses. She started as a coach after struggling to find her identity after becoming a mother and now is very passionate about helping other moms build businesses from home and balance entrepreneurship with motherhood. She is a mom of 3, an over-volunteer-er, and a travel lover – she and her husband met while studying abroad in college and are always taking their kids on epic adventures.


Ann Kaplan

With 4 kids and a business as a birthworker and parent coach, whatever your mompreneur struggles are, you better believe Ann's been there, big time!  Luckily, after realizing she did NOT want life full of anger, out of control kids & complete pandemonium, she managed to pull herself out of the darkness, & came away with the lessons & tools she shares with moms like us every day. She has worked with mothers for over 9 years and supports families through pregnancy, birth and parenting struggles and loves helping moms find balance and fulfillment within and outside motherhood.


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