Breaking The Cycle Of Frustrated Parenting


If you're at a loss for how to handle your kids without losing your patience, 

It's not because you haven't read the right book or learned the right skill yet; there's something deeper happening that will land you back here over and over.

The cycle of committing to being better, reaching your breaking point, feeling awful about it, and committing to being better again will continue.

 Break the cycle with this free training 

Sick of nagging, yelling, and repeating yourself with no results? 

Feeling totally lost on how to improve your child's behavior and keep your cool? 

Worried that anger and frustration are impacting your family? 

Still feel stuck even after reading parenting books or taking a class?


(3 chances to attend)

Sunday, February 2nd - 4pm MST

Tuesday, February 4th - 9:30am MST

Wednesday, February 5th - 12pm MST


Topics Include:

  • Why we keep losing our temper on our kids

  • The biggest mistake guaranteeing misbehavior and fighting

  • Handling obstacles without yelling

  • Finding and shifting the root of your frustration, so you can break the cycle!

A Note From Ann -


Raising kids can be a total emotional rollercoaster. Self doubt and confusion can get the better of you – and before we know it we're barking orders and feeling like a broken record when no one listens! I struggled a LOT in my early years as a mom. 


I found myself nagging & yelling, repeating myself all day with no results, and I was worried my anger and frustration were impacting my kids!

Sound familiar? The good news - I turned all of it around and so can you.

Now I have a family and a life that actually feels great – and is totally, completely ME. 


I put my best lessons into this training & now I’m offering it to you – for free.