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All childbirth classes include the following topics. Visit the syllabus page for a comprehensive description of class content and teaching methods:

  • Anatomy and physiology

  • Physical and emotional preparation

  • Coping tools for sensations of labor

  • What to expect postpartum

  • Skin-to-skin bonding and breastfeeding

  • Partner support during birth

  • Medical procedures and advocating for yourself in a medical setting

Group Classes:

I teach group classes for families planning both hospital and out-of-hospital births.  Please visit my schedule page for upcoming classes.  If my scheduled classes don’t fit your needs, please contact me anytime to see what I have in the works. Group series are typically 4 3-hour classes once per week.  This schedule can be condensed or modified as needed.


Make your own class!

Know several expectant families and want to have your own group class? I am happy to work with your group and offer referral discounts to anyone who puts together their own group class.

Private Classes:
Sometimes families don’t have the flexibility in their schedules to accommodate a group class and need a customized class to fit their needs.  Perhaps this is not your first baby, and you would like a shortened “refresher” class or  want to focus more on one topic than another.  Having a private class gives you the ability to taylor curriculum for your own circumstances.  I am happy to bring my class to you; just contact me to learn more.


Childbirth Refresher Classes:

Many families who have already experienced birth before want an abridged class to prepare themselves for the birth of their next child.  A refresher course can be very helpful.

  • Refresh your memory! It’s easy to forget the processes occurring during birth and how to cope with labor.  A refresher course reminds parents what to expect and how to navigate birth.

  • Approach this birth differently! Maybe you want to approach your upcoming birth differently than your previous one. A refresher class can help mothers who may have had a non-ideal past birth experience to find their way to a more positive experience the next time around.

  • Focus on the upcoming birth! With an older child running around, the whole pregnancy can fly by without you having a chance to focus on this new baby coming soon! Taking a refresher course provides a catalyst for parents to spend time thinking about and being tuned into their upcoming birth and baby.

  • Get ready for siblings! Having more than one child is a whole new ball game! Refresher classes discuss the transition for parents and siblings, including topics like introducing siblings to the new baby, how to juggle parenting responsibilities, typical ‘growing pains’ to expect, and much more.


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