Cloth Diaper


Did you know that cloth diapering your baby can save thousands of dollars, protect babies’ health, shorten the time your baby wears diapers and protect the environment? Some cloth diapering facts that might surprise you:

  • Disposable diapers are the third largest consumer item in our nation’s landfills.

  • On average, cloth diapered babies potty train a year earlier than babies in disposables.

  • Cloth diapered babies tend to have less diaper rash or adverse reaction to materials in their diapers.

  • Cloth Diapers have come a long way! No more pins or rubber pants – think adorable patterns, easy velcro and snaps, and a custom fit for each baby.

EcoBaby Diaper Service and I have teamed up to create an amazing, FREE virtual cloth diapering class. This class covers the basics of using diaper service diapers, as well as being applicable to all cloth diapering families using cloth diapers, whether they choose to use a service or not.

If you would like a comprehensive class on all your cloth diapering options, please contact me to learn about private class opportunities.


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