What an incredible day you have ahead of you! Breakfast, transformative, educational and therapeutic sessions, yoga, massage, this day is jam-packed with connection & revelation.  Find out all the important deets here!



The May 7th Mom-Me Workshop is being held at The Gathering Spot in Wheatridge, CO.  This refurbished home offers a cozy atmosphere, dedicated childcare space, private rooms for massage and pumping, a beautiful kitchen and large spaces for our session work.  In addition, there are lots of little quiet spots for grabbing a conversation with one of our presenters, journalling, making a friend, or just having some quiet reflection.


6690 W. 38th Ave. 

Wheat Ridge, Co 80033



8am   Breakfast & Welcome

9am   Mom-Me Sessions

  • Goals & Visions

  • Parenting

  • Fitness


12:45   Brownbag Lunch & Nourishment Session


2pm   Mom-Me Sessions

  • Identity

  • Creativity

  • Reflection


5:30   Closing Ceremony & Yoga

7pm   Goodbye

Let's Break it Down...


8am   Breakfast & Welcome

Get yourself a cuppa' coffee, some breakfast and meet your Mom-Me mates! Ann Kaplan will welcome you in and get you settled for a day of transformation. Want more info on breakfast? Check out the FAQs page.  

9am   Mom-Me Sessions

  • Goals & Visions - What is your path?

Jacki Carr, life coach and founder of Rock Your Bliss, will coach you on "Values, Visions & Goals."  Take this time to explore what your foundation of beliefs and values is.  All choices and paths flow from here.

  • Parenting - Parenting with your visions in focus.

Patience Bleskan​, parenting educator and co-owner of The Family Room, will teach you tools and skills to use in your everyday life.  Having goals and visions for ourselves as parents and individuals is exciting and enlivening.  But, how can you translate that to real life, lived with children day-to-day?  Here's where you begin to see how it all works when the rubber hits the road.

  • Fitness - Find your power.

Lexy Rose, exercise physiologist & dancer, will have you ​exploring your body in an all-level class designed to shine a light on how parenthood has manifested physically in your body, and how to nurture healing and strengthen yourself for performance in all the areas of life that demand it.  From carrying your kids pain-free, to running your first marathon, power and functionality begin here.  Enhance the mind-body connection and your healing through movement.  


12:45   Brownbag Lunch & Nourishment Session - Fueling your body and self talk.

Annette Sloan, food freedom coach, will lead a much-needed conversation about body image, relationships with food & appearance, and how to begin to change your self-talk and feelings about nourishment in all stages.  Do you imbue food with moral value? Do you reward or punish yourself with food? Is your relationship with food self-affirming? Let's explore what this is for you, and how it impacts all the other areas of your life.   Why are we having a brownbag lunch? Because what you prefer to eat and choose for this meal is great 'food for thought' (pun definitely intended!).  Learn more about food at Mom-Me in the FAQs page.


2pm   Mom-Me Sessions

  • Identity - Understand your fundamental nature.

Nancy Goodman, ​LCSW, will show you how to understand yourself through the lens of the Enneagram, and teach you to use that understanding when approaching parenting problems.  Parenting with your personality and your kids' needs in mind leads to a happier, healthier family and life as a parent.

  • Creativity - Find your flow to fuel your mind.

Noel Simmons, art therapist, will guide you through a creative process designed to bring hidden feelings and beliefs to the surface.  Nonverbal, creative pursuits bring your mind into a flow state, where barriers to self awareness can fall away.  ​

  • Reflection - Center, Pamper and Check in.

You will have a period set aside for you during the day just to do whatever is needed in that moment.  Journal, meditate, make friends, have a deeper discussion with one of the day's leaders, or treat yourself to a massage with our incredible massage therapist, Kelly McPhail!  The modalities you will experience throughout the day are designed to reveal new possibilities and realities to you, and that can require some time to just recenter yourself and begin processing all you have explored.​ 


5:30   Closing Ceremony & Yoga - Integrate and ground yourself.

Jillian Keaveny, yoga instructor and DJ, will finish up your day with a yoga practice designed to center and ground you for your path forward from Mom-Me.  The realizations, possibilities and mind-shifts of Mom-Me could feel overwhelming; Jillian's closing ceremony will help ensure you head home with a feeling of potential for expansive happiness, ready for your next steps!

7pm   Goodbye


Events throughout the day include:

  • Goals and vision coaching - What is your path? How can parenthood inform and enhance your pursuit of authenticity? How can pursuing your goals & fulfilling your commitments nourish & enliven you?

  • Identity counseling - Understanding your fundamental nature can empower you to move away from darkness and into light.

  • Nourishment and body image discussion - Does your nutrition support your body's needs? Do you approach your physical goals and your body from a place of self-affirmation.

  • Parenting education - Run your life in a way that is for your kids, but not against yourself! Integrating the logistical requirements of parenthood into your overall vision for yourself.

  • Creative exercises - Using creativity to process experiences non-verbally & explore desires, dreams, hopes.

  • Fitness program - Finding your inner physical power, rehabilitating your core for sustainable performance gains

  • Yoga - Nurturing physical movement to heal, integrate, and grow.

  • Massage -  Self care on a physical and emotional level.



$150 includes attendance for the day, complimentary breakfast & swag giveaways.

Add on's

Childcare - $50

20 minute massage during reflection periods - $25


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