What's Happening in Mom-Me?

Balanced Mama Breakthrough Sessions

You can always get yourself a personalized piece of Mom-Me anytime you like, by scheduling yourself a breakthrough session with Ann Kaplan! Spend an hour one-on-one with Mom-Me founder, Ann Kaplan, going even deeper with pursuing YOUR best motherhood experience! During your breakthrough session, Ann will help you:

  • Create a sense of clarity about the mothering experience you really want to have.

  • Discover the essential building blocks for having the balanced life of your dreams.

  • Determine the #1 thing stopping you from feeling like YOURSELF in motherhood.

  • Identify the most powerful actions that will move you toward the peaceful family you desire.

You'll complete your consultation with the excitement of knowing exactly what to do next to be the WHOLE woman you truly are!  All my sessions are virtual, so you can schedule them around kiddos naps, bed-time or whenever you have some time; no need to find a sitter! 

The BIG Mom-Me Workshop!

A few times each year, Mom-Me has a BIG all day workshop where we dig deep and explore all the facets of self-integration in one day! It is amazing, intense and totally transformational!  PLUS, you get to spend time pampering yourself with massages, essential oil session, and loads of other self-care modalities AND meet incredible practitioners who are tuned in to exactly what we need as moms.  Join the Mom-Me mailing list to be the FIRST to find out about the next big workshop, and to receive PRIORITY registration!   


Mom-Me Mini-Workshops

Maybe you want to come to a Mom-Me BIG workshop, but it was doesn't fit your budget, the timing isn't right, or you can't be gone from your kiddo all day.  OR, maybe you DID come to a workshop and it was AWESOME and you want MORE!  Here's another way for you to get a little taste of what Mom-Me is all about!  A Mom-Me mini-workshop focuses in on just 1 or 2 of the 6 keys of self-integration we address at the big workshop.  Lasting only 2 hours and capping off at 10 participants, it's a shorter, more intimate experience than the big workshop.  



Crafting Your Compass: Balanced Mama Mini-Workshop.

I want you to spend an evening with me, a glass of wine, and other women just like you!

"Crafting Your Compass" is an intimate and friendly experience for you to explore your challenges and solutions while meeting other moms just like you and having some grownup drinks (yay!)

Do you ever feel like motherhood is consuming your life? Or that you've lost yourself in your kiddo? Or that you just don't feel like yourself living this mommy life?

I've been there, big time!

Becoming a mom 4 times over put me through the wringer and a few years ago, I found myself unbelievably depressed, exhausted, and feeling more isolated (while NEVER alone!) than I could bear. Something had to change, so after a lot of heartache, experimentation and stumbling blocks, I managed to pull myself out of the darkness, and came away with some incredible lessons and tools that I get to share with moms just like us every day. 

Skip all that struggle and discover a different way to mom!

From 6-8pm on August 3rd I will be teaching moms just like you that momming doesn't have to crush and isolate you. I want you to dream BIG right now and believe a life as a WHOLE WOMAN is possible for you. Decide to make a small investment in yourself NOW that can lead to a balanced, fulfilled life both within and outside motherhood.

The "Crafting Your Compass" workshop will:

Show you how to DROP THE MOM GUILT & tap into your true authenticity, making momming clear & easy.

Help you remember & recommit to the WHOLE person you are; feel like YOURSELF again!

Support & encourage you in building a powerful vision for yourself.


Leave "Crafting Your Compass" feeling:

Connected to the true you as a woman and mom

Enthusiastic about a life where you enjoy your kids and yourslef

Clear & focused on the goals & visions you have

Confident that you can handle momming in a way that feels authentic & nourishing

Space is EXTREMELY limited!


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