Birthwork is your calling but...

...It is so hard to be successful, balanced & fulfilled in this field! Mentorship can bridge the gap between the realities of burnout, competition & long intense hours you may be experiencing now, & your dream of a successful business that nourishes and enlivens you while you empower mothers & babies.  Let Ann's leadership & extensive experience in birthwork 'doula' your practice!

Check out your Mentorship Options.

Are you struggling with...

  • Finding certifying births? 

  • Building & running a doula biz?  

  • Processing & learning from tough births?

  • Gaining confidence & learning techniques?

  • Feeling unsure about being on your own?

  • Living the on-call life?

  • What to do at long births?

  • Finding good backups?

Consider a Mentorship Program!

Mentorship Options

Monthly Support Group

Share experiences, ask questions & gain birthwork & business skills.  Benefit from a group of peers understanding, releasing judgment & giving advice.

Private Mentorship

Get one-on-one attention & custom-ized support focused on exactly what you need for your unique circumstances. 

Breakthrough Package

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.


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