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Free Guide: Get Kids to Listen

  With this free workbook you will: 

– Gain confidence as a mom  

– Learn a step-by-step technique to get kids to listen

– Discover 3 key principles to change behavior immediately 

– Understand how to take this learning beyond the guide

Getting Kids to Listen

(the first time we ask!)

Raising kids is such an emotional rollercoaster. Self doubt and confusion can get the better of us – and before we know it we're barking orders and feeling like a broken record when no one listens! I struggled a LOT in my early years as a mom.  I was SO sick of nagging & yelling, repeating myself all day with no results, and I was worried my anger and frustration were going to impact my kids.

Does this sound familiar? Luckily, I turned it all around and so can you. Here’s what I learned:

- My parenting was actually creating misbehavior & fighting.

- It is possible for kids to listen the first time.

- I'm a lot less grouchy when I'm not repeating myself.

- I can be a mom AND have a life at the same time.


Now I have a family and a life that actually feels great – and is totally, completely ME. 


I put my best lessons into a guide & now I’m offering it to you – for free.

In This Free Workbook You'll:

– Gain confidence as a mom  

– Learn a step-by-step technique to get kids to listen

– Discover 3 key principles to turn around behavior immediately 

– Understand how to take this learning beyond the guide

Hi Mama! I'm Ann Kaplan. I'm a mother of 4, birthworker, parent coach and still sane, believe it or not! When I first became a mom, I really had no idea what I was doing and quickly found myself losing my temper and surrounded by kids who were out of control and driving me nuts! ​Luckily, after realizing I did NOT want life full of anger, out of control kids & complete pandemonium, I managed to turn myself and my family around, and now I get to help moms just like me do the same thing for themselves.  Best job ever! My business is called  Mom-Me, because it's based on something that’s really important in my biz, my life, with my kids and my clients: the very true and tricky fact that we are moms and individuals all at once.  I believe the more we can live and parent in alignment with our authentic selves, the better family dynamics we will have and the happier we will be. So I have literally built my business on that idea.