From Parenting Expert, Ann Kaplan:

Get  Your Kids to Listen

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Raising kids is no joke. No matter how hard we try not to, it's easy to end up barking orders and feeling like a broken record when no one listens.  If you are nagging, yelling, and repeating yourself all day...and worried your anger is affecting your kids, you CAN turn it around.

Here's what I learned when I dedicated myself to healing my own parenting:

  • My parenting was actually creating misbehavior & fighting.

  • It is possible for kids to listen the first time.

  • I'm a lot less grouchy when I'm not repeating myself.

  • Motherhood can be peaceful and fun (I promise).


My work helps moms feel like themselves and in control of their families and lives –

and now I'm offering YOU my core teachings in a really simple workbook!

​In this workbook,  I teach:

  • How to get kids to listen, step-by-step

  • 3 principles that improve ALL behavior 

  • Parenting confidence 

  • Using this approach beyond the guide

Hi Mama! I'm Ann Kaplan: mother of 4, birthworker, parent coach and still sane, believe it or not!


When I became a mom, I had no clue about parenting and found myself losing my temper, with kids who were out of control and driving me nuts! ​After realizing I did NOT want life of anger, misbehavior & chaos, I turned myself and my family around in a big way. Now I help other moms do the same, and it's the best job ever! 


My business is called Mom-Me, because it's based on the true and tricky fact that we are moms and individuals all at once.  The more we live and parent in alignment with our true selves, the better family dynamics we have and the happier we are. That's what Mom-Me is about and it's what I bring to my clients every day.