3 Secrets to Raising Great Kids

Without Losing Your Sanity! 

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 This Masterclass is for moms who... 

Are sick of nagging & yelling!

Repeat themselves all day with no results!

Fear that anger & frustration are impacting their family!

Want to have a LIFE & well behaved kids at the same time!

During this powerful class, I will show you...

  • Why we keep losing our temper on our kids!

  • The biggest mistake you are making now that guarantees misbehavior & fighting in your home! 

  • How to get kids to listen the first time!

  • 3 Steps to handling mama obstacles without yelling! 

  • How to get balance in your life AND raise awesome kids at the same time! 

A message from Ann - 

Do you feel like you're screaming into a black hole & no one hears (or cares about!) anything you say? Are you & your kids running in a million different directions, yelling at each other & living in a hamster wheel of frustration? Does it seem like motherhood is consuming your life & you're so frazzled and busy that you've forgotten who you even are?!?!

With 4 kids, you better believe I've been there, big time!

Luckily, after realizing I did NOT want life full of anger, out of control kids & complete pandemonium, I managed to pull myself out of the darkness, & came away with some incredible lessons & tools that I share with moms like us every day.  Best Job Ever!


I hope you'll take advantage of my combined 37 years of parenting experience, grab a cup of coffee & your computer, & (just for an hour) dare to dream of a life where you don't want to run for the hills or strangle anyone!!!


Ann Kaplan


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