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Mom-Me Founder & Workshop Moderator - Ann Kaplan

Ann Kaplan is a birth doula and childbirth educator (through DONA and CAPPA), as well as a mother to 4 children. She has been supporting growing families since 2007. Her wry wit and down-to-earth attitude make her classes entertaining and informative, while maintaining a mindfulness of the emotional and heartfelt sides of pregnancy, birth and parenting. Her personal experience as a mother means she supports her clients and students with professional and personal knowledge. In addition, with an MA in environmental engineering, she brings an air of scientific critical thinking and evaluation to her practice that many parents greatly appreciate. You can learn more about her practice at and or find her on Facebook: Ann Kaplan Childbirth Services.


Visions & Goals - Jacki Carr



I am inspired by connection, nature and getting vulnerable. 

I am absolutely alive when I am of service as a catalyst for people getting possible and rocking their goals.  I do have the keen ability to listen on a deeper level, see the big picture and be absolutely real and honest with you. I do.

I am an active igolu® (I-GOAL-YOU) leader, a movement in personal power and wholeness, vision, goal-setting and leadership training.  I have completed the works as a participant and I am inspired by the work as a foundation for my coaching relationships.

I am the co-founder of ROCK YOUR BLISS, a yoga and goals movement inspiring and empowering others to live the life of their dreams. Yoga teacher and blisscrafter, Mary Beth Larue and I have teamed up to lead retreats, workshops and trainings around this beautiful globe.

I am a Mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a Denverite and I am a masterpiece AND a work in progress. 

Jacki Carr

Parenting - Patience Bleskan

Patience Bleskan, MA founded Patience Parenting Services,LLC in 2003 and the Co-Founder of The Family Room, a community center for families with young children. She has been working with families with young children for close to 20 years. Patience has spent the majority of her life learning to better understand how children learn, and how adults, teachers and parents, affect who children become. As the mother of 4, Patience supports parents with both a personal and professional perspective. She has had her own experiences with postpartum depression, loss of community and balancing a career with raising a family. These experiences and her passion for helping others understand children is what drives her life.Over the last 10 years Patience has become a leading expert on infant and early childhood sleep. She has supported hundreds of families around the country through her classes, groups and consultations. She also has presented at numerous community events. Patience approaches sleep by combining information from four major bodies of knowledge: Biology, Anthropology, Current Research and Motherhood. You can learn more about her philosophies on sleep on her website at

Identity - Nancy Goodman

Nancy Goodman, LCSW has been in private practice since 2002, specializing in maternal mental health including prenatal and postpartum mood depression and anxiety, birth trauma recovery, adjustment to parenthood, and fetal and infant loss.  She also uses EMDR to help people recover from all different kinds of trauma.  For over ten years, Nancy has been studying the Enneagram, a rich and layered system of understanding the ways we perceive and respond to the world. She teaches Introductory and Parenting with the Enneagram classes and works with organizations and businesses to use the Enneagram to enhance their effectiveness.  She is also the mother of two teenagers.  You can find her at

Nancy Goodman

Fitness - Lexy Rose

Lexy Rose is a lifelong dancer, artist, and lover of movement.  A native of Colorado, Lexy relocated to New York to attain a BFA in Modern Dance, and remained on the East coast for over a decade dancing professionally.  During her time in the city she became certified as a personal trainer (NASM) and began working with pre- and postnatal clients, eventually attending Columbia for a Masters in Exercise Physiology with a focus on pre- and postnatal adaptations to exercise.  With family in their hearts, Lexy and her husband decided to return to Denver, and welcomed their own daughter into the world in December 2015.  She continues to deliver exercise instruction to clients of all ages and physical abilities, and remains passionate about helping people to better understand, control, and appreciate their bodies.  Lexy is very excited to presenter at Mom-Me and looks forward to being a part of this community.

Lexy Rose

Nourishment - Annette Sloan

Annette Sloan is a Food Freedom Coach and Emotional Eating Educator who helps women make peace – not war – with food. After wasting her energy on trying to be the perfect picture of health for over 10 years, Annette finally created a healthy relationship with food when she replaced the shame of “should” with self-awareness and compassion. She now helps body-battling women break up with binges, rediscover the pleasure and joy of food, and slow down to savor life. Annette is certified through the Institute for the Psychology of Eating and has been featured in The Huffington Post and Mind Body Green. In her free time, you can find her in warrior pose, watching waves, or napping with her American Bulldog, Annie, after a readathon.


Annette Sloan

Creativity - Noel Simmons

For over 25 years Noel Simmons has been using art as a way to create meaningful inner dialogues for her students and clients.   Beginning as an art teacher in an art museum she saw strong emotions arising in the students as they made personal imagery. She sees her role as one of a guide in using art-making as a way to know and accept oneself on a deep level. 

 Later, supporting families who had lost a child to cancer, the therapeutic benefits of art became clearer.  The parents were able to access feelings of intense loss along with the joy that came with recalling the child's presence.   After receiving her MA in Art Therapy and Counseling she brought a therapeutic approach to programming at the Santa Fe Children's Museum.  She cultivated a learning environment that made it inviting for parents to model curiosity, self-awareness and acceptance. 

 Over the past 9 years in Denver, she has worked closely with organizations who bring art therapy to under served populations.  Over 3,500 people who experienced cancer diagnosis, poverty, developmental disabilities, trauma, and loss in Denver have received art therapy programming designed by Noel and funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, Susan B. Komen for Cure, and SCFD.  She is currently in private practice in NW Denver where she focuses on women who have experienced grief through fertility-related loss.

Noel Simmons

Yoga - Jillian Keaveny

Yoga was the balance of strength and surrender Jillian had unintentionally been searching for years. With an athletic background, yoga first gave Jillian a physical challenge that was new and unfamiliar. What came next was the mind/body balance she craved. "Yoga provides the space to allow my brain to completely shift from consistent thought to a softening in my internal dialog.  My body and breath is used as a tool to lead my mind to a place of calm, acceptance and living in the present." In 2010, Jillian felt the pull to share the gift of yoga and guide others into finding their authentic selves through sweat, looking inside, and community. She completed her 200hr Yoga Alliance certification through CorePower Yoga Colorado Springs in 2010 and has been teaching ever since. 


Inspired by her passion for music, and desire for true transformation, Jillian's Vinyasa classes are the perfect balance of experiencing the personal depth of postures and finding the letting go the body craves. With a love of handstands and personal growth, Jillian will softly guide you from strength to surrender. Students will experience a weaving of breath work, yoga theming and creative asana sequencing to keep continuous growth on and off the mat.


Jillian currently teaches full time for Pearl Street Fitness and pop-up yoga classes with SoundOff Colorado. When she’s not instructing you can find her behind the decks, dj’ing for many local Denver fitness and yoga events.

Jillian Keaveny

Massage - Kelly McPhail

Hello! I’m Kelly. My ultimate goal is to be someone’s day-maker. After a session with me, I want my clients to feel refreshed, energized and better than when they came in. As a massage therapist, I specialize in Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Prenatal massage modalities. I am also a Reiki practitioner, hypnotist, cosmetologist and doula. When I am not with a client, I am living the "mom life" with my 2 year old, Naomi. I look forward to working with you!

Kelly McPhail

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