Raising Great Kids Parenting Class

Comprehensive, Compassionate, EFFECTIVE parenting & discipline!

Wednesdays, Oct 17 - Nov 7: 9-10:30am Mountain Time

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 A Class for Parents who... 

- Have toddler or school-aged children

- Want better behavior without yelling

- Crave a calm, balanced and peaceful home

- Fear their frustration and anger could affect their kids

Parenting expert, Ann Kaplan, will teach...

  • Handling arguments, tantrums and disrespect

  • Staying calm when kids push our buttons

  • Getting kids to listen the first time we talk

  • Providing opportunities for improved self-esteem and responsibility

  • Handling obstacles without yelling

  • Actually ENJOYING our kids!

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A note from Ann...

Do you feel like you're screaming into a black hole & no one hears (or cares about!) anything you say? Are you dealing with tantrums and back-talk all day long? Do you have a toddler who is turning into a tyrant, a school-aged kid who can't handle school or home responsibilities, or a teenager who is headed for disaster?!?!

With 4 kids, you better believe I've been there, big time!

Luckily, after realizing I did NOT want life full of anger, out of control kids & complete pandemonium, I decided to dedicate my career and parenting life to learning and sharing some effective and simple parenting tools that transform families every day.  Best Job Ever!


I hope you'll take advantage of my combined 37 years of parenting experience, grab your computer, & throughout this 4-week course, dare to dream of a life where you don't want to run for the hills or strangle anyone!!!

Ann Kaplan


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