Raising  Great   Kids


Freedom from power struggles & family chaos!

FREE masterclass:

Thursday, March 28th - 10am MST

Mama, this class is for you if:

  • The energy & attitude in your home is negative & draining

  • Your kids' behavior feels out of control or off track

  • Doing right by your kids = leaving yourself & happiness behind

  • Parenting leaves you feeling overwhelmed, frazzled & chaotic

During this FREE masterclass you will

  • Clearly assess your family and parenting circumstances

  • Identify your parenting objectives with laser focus

  • Discover what is blocking you from achieving your goals for your family

  • Learn my step-by-step system to create the energy & outcomes you most desire with your children

  • Finish knowing how to nail it as a mom every day!

A Note From Ann -


Raising kids can be a total emotional rollercoaster. Self doubt and confusion can get the better of you – and before we know it we're barking orders and feeling like a broken record when no one listens! I struggled a LOT in my early years as a mom.  I found myself nagging & yelling, repeating myself all day with no results, and I was worried my anger and frustration were impacting my kids!

Sound familiar? The good news - I turned all of it around and so can you.

Now I have a family and a life that actually feels great – and is totally, completely ME. 


I put my best lessons into a masterclass & now I’m offering it to you – for free.

Hi Mama! I'm Ann Kaplan. I'm a mother of 4, birthworker, parent coach and still sane, believe it or not! When I first became a mom, I really had no idea what I was doing and quickly found myself losing my temper and surrounded by kids who were out of control and driving me nuts! ​Luckily, after realizing I did NOT want life full of anger, out of control kids & complete pandemonium, I managed to turn myself and my family around, and now I get to help moms just like me do the same thing for themselves.  Best job ever! My business is called Mom-Me, because it's based on something that’s really important in my biz and my life, with my kids and my clients: the very true and tricky fact that we are moms and individuals all at once.  I believe the more we can live and parent in alignment with our authentic selves, the better family dynamics we will have and the happier we will be. So I have literally built my business on that idea.


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