Partners & Doulas

If my partner is going to be supporting me during labor, do I still need a doula?

What does the role of my partner look like if I have a doula?

Many partners may feel insecure about having a doula or worry that the doula replaces them. The truth is that the doula’s role is not to usurp the partner’s place at the birth, but to enhance and facilitate partner involvement in whatever way works best for each birth. The presence of a doula compliments a partner’s role and strengthens it.  How?


The presence of a doula benefits the mother, partner and baby! The love and comfort the partner shares with mom and baby are priceless gifts that no one else can provide. However, it can be understandably distressing to see mom in pain and this can cause an anxious reaction to the normal processes of birth.

The skills and expertise of a doula can relax and relieve pressure on the partner, increasing confidence. In addition, a doula can provide guidance and suggestions about how best to support mom.

With the support of a doula, partners tend to stay more involved, rather than pulling away during times of stress. Studies have shown that a woman is 41% more likely to report an improvement in her relationship with her partner immediately after birth if both were supported by a doula.

While it is vital for a woman to hear “I love you, you’re doing great!” from her partner, it also means a lot when an experienced childbirth professional says “that’s exactly what you need to do, you’re doing it!” Both messages are key to a woman in labor.


With both the father and a doula at birth, a mother can have the best of both worlds: her partner’s loving care and attention, and the doula’s expertise and guidance.


Please see why hire a doula for more information about how a doula can enhance your birth experience.


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