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ADHD and parenting strategies

Great image from a useful article: https://thalpos.org.gr/en/news-media/news-articles/adhd-behavior-secrets-better-discipline-children

I have hesitated for a long time to focus on attention and sensory challenges, because I don't feel qualified or expert in this area, and I don't have personal experience with it in my own parenting situation. But, my clients brought me to it. I have so many moms reaching out to me who feel frustrated with their kids' behavior and feelings of out-of-control, wondering if their kids have challenges beyond the 'normal' range, or if they are just rambunctious and rowdy. AND I have so many clients whose kids have special challenges and blame themselves for them. Feel it's their fault, feel guilty if they put their kids on medication, or if they don't, feel bad if they lose their temper, and feel worried that typical parenting techniques won't work for their kids. While I am definitely not qualified to diagnose a kiddo with attention or sensory needs, or to recommend a course of treatment, or even to tell whether a child needs medicine or not, there is one thing I know, and it's child-rearing and mama-growing ;) Every family needs to walk their own path to determining their kids' needs, and must also make their own decisions about how best to handle them. But, no matter what your circumstances or style, there are 2 things I find helpful to every parent I support, especially the ones with challenging kids: 1) The answer to what is right for you and your kids lies squarely, and plainly within yourself. As we say in coaching sessions: Get your head on straight and remind yourself of your compass, and you'll be able to answer even the most impossible questions with ease. (Reach out to me personally for more info on what I mean when I refer to your compass!) And 2) The truth is that ALL kids need rules, structure, predictability and boundaries (those with attention and sensory challenges need it even MORE than kids without special challenges)! AND moms need those skills too! The wilder your kid, the more crucial tools to handle wildness and your emotions are! Your kiddo might need extra help too, like medicine, sensory tools, schedule modification, etc., but the parenting tools don't need to be thrown out, just because we're adding some other tricks into the mix. Do yourself a favor and let yourself access and learn how to implement these ideas, no matter what challenges life throws at your kids! I'll be talking about the misconceptions about attention challenged kiddos and how to implement parenting strategies even when it seems like your child is trickier than the average kid all week long in the group. Check out the videos and reach out if you want individualized help!

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