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Blinded by the Back-to-School High

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

The Back to School season is here, and if you're like most of the moms I know, you're: SO ready for the respite, SO excited about all the things you'll get done with your kid-free time, and SO blind to the challenges this school year holds for you and your child...

...yeah, that's right, I said you're blind - we are all blinded by our BTS exuberance and that makes the stumbling blocks of the school year doubly hard. I realized a pattern in myself a few years ago: The Back To School high was short-lived and by the time September ended, the wind was out of my sails, I had only achieved the first 3% of the things I planned, and my kids were in the same boat: disillusioned with school, not sure how to handle their workload, and feeling a bit lost in the shuffle. I learned that being just a little more mindful about school went a long way for both me and my kids.

So, I'm really proud to be a part of The Experienced Graduate's 2019 Back to School Summit. I created an an incredible training exclusively for this summit on Ending Homework Battles, complete with:

- Step-by-step tutorials, - Visual schematics, and - Real life examples.

I'm only one of the over 25 educators, including teachers, tutors, school counselors, parenting experts, academic advisors, sharing tons of valuable advice about getting your child or teen to start the school year off right, over this 4-day summit. And, it's a FREE, VIRTUAL online conference, so no need to drive (or even get dressed!) to get this incredible support. Topics include: - Study skills, - Homework routines, - Power struggles, - Getting kids to listen, - How to stop homework battles, and much, MUCH more! - See the agenda here!

Check it out and get some back to school goodness in your life! I can't wait to hear what you think of this epic four day event.

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