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Body Image: Yours and your kids'!!!

It's body image week in Mom-Me! What a charged topic and it's been a long time coming for me. I have struggled with this stuff my whole life, and although I've come a long way, the self-loathing gremlins still lurk in the corners and attack whenever I let my guard down. The biggest catalyst for making the progress I've had, has definitely been my kids, and ESPECIALLY my daughter, Gigi. Holy cow, if that amazing shining star of a person grows up to feel about herself how I have felt about myself, I will have a VERY hard time not feeling like a momfail! My biggest tips for you in raising body-loving kids? BE A BODY-LOVING MOM! It's a classic Mom-Me Mantra: quit parenting, start modeling! And, this is one area that you can't be successful in if you're not modeling the messages and beliefs you want your kids to have. How can you be body-positive about yourself? THAT is a topic far to big for an itty-bitty blogpost, but I hope the videos in the group this week will chip away at it for you, and for anyone who snags their free breakthrough session with me, we can work on turning that chip into a giant chunk! Make sure to tune in to the group this week, and if you want info on that free session, message me!

#bodyimagemomwin! Elijah has started working out with me and we are loving it!

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