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Let's Get Ready For Our Day: Morning Routine

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

One of the biggest challenges my clients face, and one of the biggest reasons they decide to meet with me in the first place, is the seemingly impossible task of getting everyone out of the house on time, dressed, fed, groomed and drama-free. With 4 kids attending 4 different schools (don't judge me!), mornings feel like loading a clown car, but just because we're a traveling circus doesn't mean we can't be an ON TIME and PEACEFUL circus, right? Right!

This is such a universal problem, that it's one of the teaching elements in the 2nd month of my coaching program; everyone needs this!!!

Here are a few simple steps to getting your own mobile freak show running smoothly in the mornings:

1) Skip the inquisition.

Do you go down a laundry list of 'did you's' every morning? Did you brush your teeth? Did you make your bed? Did you grab your lunch? This is sabotaging you 2 ways. First, it is a reminder strategy for your child, which is another way of saying it's a 'you don't need to remember because mom will' booby trap. Second, it is overwhelming and complicated. I suggest simply asking "are you ready for your day?" and that's all that's needed (What happens when they aren't ready or aren't truthful? - natural consequences).

2) Trim the fat.

I bet you do a ton of stuff that does not need to be done in the morning, either because it could have been done the night before (like lunches) or because it is nonessential to morning times (like folding laundry or answering emails). This is literally your most insane time; put all nonessential tasks off to another part of the day when you only have 100 other things going on, instead of 1000.

3) Martyrdom is lame.

If your child is older than 2, there are a ton of things they can be doing on their own, and that I bet YOU are doing for them. Another sabotaging moment! You're doing too much AND your kid isn't learning self-sufficiency. Look at what you do every morning and see what you can offload. Lunches? Teeth brushing? Bed making? Clothing selection? I bet we can all think of at least 1 thing!

4) Spread the good news.

People (especially kids) are 100 times more compliant and useful when they know what's expected of them and have information available to them. Talk with your child about what 'ready for your day' means, what time people need to wake up and be ready by, and then post the schedule and duties somewhere everyone can see them.

Is this all you need? Nope. Notice that little 'natural consequences' hint up there in tip #1? That's the secret sauce that makes all this stuff work, and it's more than you can learn from a little blogpost.

If you need help running a tight ship in the mornings, reach out and let's create a strategy that works for your family, including the discipline element that makes it all click.

Just email me! ann@denverdoulaservices.com

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