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Love me some Potty Training

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Who loves changing diapers? Who loves cleaning pee and crap off the floor, kids clothes, carseats, bed linens, walls, siblings, etc? No one? What a freaking surprise! Well I guess it's no wonder so many of my clients dread potty training OR run into it head-first just desperate to be done with diapers! Guys, I promise it doesn't have to be that bad! This week we're talking all about potty training in the group and there are some really easy tips to make it happen. My biggest takeaways: Don't get into a power struggle about it, leave shame and frustration (with yourself or your kid!) at the door, and let your kid lead the way! Tune in all week long to get the scoop. Reading this after the fact? No problem! Just visit the group and search for potty training! I promise all the videos will show up for you.

We cloth diapered our kids, which helped get them out of diapers waaaay faster!

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