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What is a mom's Job?

If you had to sum up your job as a parent in one word, what would it be? Care-provider? Teacher? Protector? Disciplinarian? Warden? Servant? I know I've felt like all of those words (and a few uglier ones!) have described my circumstances at one time or another. But, nowadays I work really hard to fit this one description of myself as a mom: COACH. Being a coach to my kids feels so much more in alignment with the relationship I want, and that I believe is best for all of us! It's not my job to solve my kids' problems, or protect them from having problems in the first place! It's not my job to tell them what to do (even though I want to!) or how to handle hard times. It's not even my job to take care of them in the way I used to think that taking care of someone meant. I now see all of those approaches as an act of disservice to my kids. I think my work as a coach for moms has taught me so much about how to serve my clients, of course, but also how to do right by my kids. Hand-holding, doing things for them, second-guessing their abilities, or dictating the 'how' of navigating hurdles, ends up minimizing my effects in both areas! My kids and I do so much better now that I see myself as more of a resource than a director. Their level of responsibility, independence and happiness expands, as my need to control and dictate shrinks. I hope you'll tune into the videos in the group on being your kids' coach for more tips on how I make it happen and support my clients to do it too!

This is totally what I look like when I'm coaching...ha!

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