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You are NOT ENOUGH for your kids!

What if I told you that being your kids only care-taker is SELFISH?!?! The people helping you raise your kids might be the most important people in your kids' lives, even more important that YOU at times! A village doesn't just mean you're more relaxed or happy so you're a better, happier mom (although that is true!). It also matters because kids thrive when they have a team of loving people in their lives. Do you struggle to ask for help? Do you feel like being unable to care for your kids on your own means you're a failure or letting your kids down? Maybe you feel like 'good moms' can do all of the things their kids need without letting anything slip through the cracks! I'm here to tell you: that mindset is robbing your kids of the chance to have a full, loving circle of people filling them up and seeing them through! The 'it takes a village' saying is so true, but not ONLY because one person can't do all the work of raising a child, but because humans are social creatures and our kids NEED a village of love and community! Feeling badly because we're not enough for our kids is like feeling bad about the force of gravity! It's simply a fact, not an indication of success or failure: You are NOT enough for your kids! No one is! There is no 1 person who is enough for any other person in this world, including children. So, flip the regret into excitement and build your village with gratitude and intention! Who is in your village? Paid helpers count too! In this day and age, we have to create our village with mindfulness (and money sometimes!), but that doesn't make it any less meaningful or influential to our kids. From the person who helps you keep your home clean, to the babysitter who allows you to have a date night, to the family who Skype's in to say hello, to the teachers and friends they see at school, ALL of these people are part of your child's village, and they are all important and awesome! This week's videos are all about creating your village, and getting over the crazy stories we tell ourselves that keep us trapped in a village-less life of overwhelm and loneliness! Check out the group to watch and learn!

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