This package allows me to provide complete prenatal, birth and postpartum support and education to families.  Plus, it's super flexible, you can do it on your own time, and make it fit into your schedule! After a decade of birth work, I have found that my clients have a much easier, smoother and more joyful birth experience when they have more comprehensive prenatal, birth and postpartum support than a traditional doula provides.  Birth Like a Boss is the perfect compliment to traditional doula care, and makes a huge impact on birth outcomes even for mamas who choose not to have a doula.  The package includes:


a. Complete and comprehensive childbirth education (covering anatomy & physiology of labor, coping techniques, emotional preparation, postpartum & newborn care, breastfeeding):  

- 9 hours of video tutorials 

- 3 30-minute live one-on-one education recap sessions for discussing homework, questions, or anything else that comes up for you during your class.

- Fun assignments & Handouts that emphasize key lessons


b. "Virtual Doula" Birth Prep (the same doula support I provide to local clients, minus birth attendance)

- 50-minute live prenatal birth prep session providing prenatal doula care (topics include: nutrition & exercise, pregnancy discomforts, what to expect with your care provider, etc.)

- Guided birth plan development

- 50-minute live postpartum session for recapping your birth, answering any newborn care and breastfeeding questions, as well as addressing any emotional or energy concerns 

- guidance on finding a local doula to attend your birth, and any other resources you need.


c. Extra 'goodies'

- Unlimited email access and support anytime throughout your pregnancy and postpartum time

- Membership in the closed Birth Like a Boss Facebook group where we discuss class topics, questions, and homework, and where I post short mindset videos & host live Q&A sessions.

- pre- and post- session assessments, so I can tailor my sessions to exactly what you need.

Birth Like a Boss


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