Mom Like A Boss! (6 months, valid until 12 months postpartum if purchased prenatally)


Complete support during the baby stage!

Modules include postpartum recovery, breastfeeding, sleep (baby’s and yours!), family dynamics (siblings, grandparents, etc), baby wearing, going back to work (or not!), introducing solid foods, body after baby, preserving your relationships, and A LOT MORE!

Mom Like A Boss Package Components

  • Educational videos and information on each of the modules

  • Guided exercises and worksheets to help you navigate the modules.

  • 1 Coaching Session Each month

    • 50-minute session to cover each month’s modules (we adjust and rearrange the program as needed).  Review the previous month and plan the coming one, based on what’s happening with you and your baby.

    • Email recap of your session helps you stay goal-focused.

    • Pre- and post-session assessments customize your coaching and keep you accountable.

  • CLOSED facebook group

    • Weekly coaching videos

    • Support from your fellow mamas

    • Non-judgemental, safe sharing space

  • Unlimited email/messenger contact with me


Mom Like A Boss Modules

Postpartum - Month 1

  • Postpartum recovery (immediate)

  • Breastfeeding

  • Newborn Sleep

  • Sibling Integration

Newborn - Month 2

  • Baby wearing

  • Sleep patterns (finally!)

  • Family dynamics (extended & immediate)

Infancy - Month 3

  • Back to work?

  • Leaving Baby with others

  • Pumping & storing milk

  • Creating a daily routine

Baby -  Months 4-6

  • Sleeping through the night

  • Body after Baby

  • Introducing solid food

  • Relationships

  • Early soon? Yes!

Mom Like A Boss (6 months)


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