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Saving Your


Have your best summer ever - change your family's behavior, attitude, and organization NOW!


FREE training

(with 3 chances to attend)

Sunday, April 28th - 12pm MST

Thursday, May 2 - 10:30am MST

Tuesday, May 7th - 11am MST


Mama, this training is for you if:

  • Coordinating for the summer is making your head spin

  • You usually feel frazzled and exhausted after school breaks or vacations

  • Entertaining & keeping your kids occupied for 3 months feels impossible

  • You have no idea how you're going to get anything done this summer.

  • Summer is NO FUN anymore...and you're turning into a summer grinch!

During this training we will cover:

  • Stress-free scheduling - Easy calendar & routine that cover all the bases.

  • Self-sufficiency at any age - stop running "Camp Mommy" & teach your kids independence for life!

  • Loving Summer as much as your kids do - banish your "summer grinch"

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A Note From Ann -


Raising kids is a rollercoaster, and summer sometimes feels like the craziest time of all.  How did our favorite season turn into the WORST after we had kids?!?! Crazy schedules, kids with cabin fever, and neglected responsibilities can get the better of us – and before we know it we're praying for September! I struggled a LOT with summer insanity in my early years as a mom.  I realized I dreaded it every year and felt like we were really missing out on the magical summer experience I remember as a kid.

The good news - I turned all of it around and so can you.  Now I have a family and a life that actually feels great – and is totally, completely ME. 


I put my best lessons into this training & now I’m offering it to you – for free.


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