Join your tribe. Finally.

Mom-Me TRIBE is a journey to creating a life you love: parenting without losing your cool, having a life outside of motherhood, and learning how to balance it all. Run by parenting coach Ann Kaplan, this program will transform your life.

TRIBE is for you if:

  • The energy & attitude in your home is negative & draining

  • Your kids' behavior feels out of control or off track

  • Doing right by your kids = leaving yourself & happiness behind

  • Parenting leaves you feeling overwhelmed, frazzled & chaotic

The Journey

Module 1: Get Clear

  • Reconnect: Find your mama identity

  • Routine: personal, dependable, easy

  • Easy, fast behavior improvement

Module 2: Find Your Footing

  • Kill the specter of the “Bad Mom”

  • Mornings: Calm & timely beginnings

  • Effective parent/child communication

Module 3: Let It Grow

  • Stop Mom Guilt from blocking you

  • Bedtime: smooth, on-time sleep

  • Eliminate Reminders and Nagging

Module 4: Energy Exchange

  • Eliminate negative motivation

  • Food: curiosity, ease & health 

  • Mutual respect with your child

Module 5: Tenacity

  • Make your changes LAST!

  • Chores: responsibility & skill building

  • Combine all your new discipline skills


Module 6: Put It All Together

  • Create a clear path forward

  • Relationships: a kid-proof partnership

  • Troubleshooting: do it on YOUR terms

The Details

Mom-Me TRIBE is an evergreen program.  Join today, and stay with us as long as you like. Each month you'll receive:

  • Weekly 1- hour group calls

  • Call recordings

  • Anonymous message board for private questions

  • Complete curriculum (workbook + video tutorials)

  • Exclusive Facebook group only for program participants


The investment for this program is

$197/month for 10 months


$1800 in a 1-time payment

No matter which payment plan you choose,

you'll have lifetime access to the program!



A Note From Your Coach

Mama - Whatever your parenting challenge, I have been there big-time and have nothing but compassion and true love for you and your family. Asking for help with something as precious as your kids is a big deal, and I pledge to do everything possible to honor that trust, and make your experience in TRIBE all you hope for, and more.


© 2018 by Ann Kaplan